Handmade in Portugal

Jennifer Caravella 

My connection with plants and the natural world was seeded at a young age. Raised in the ancient redwoods of California, the forest was my playground where I ate wild flowers and the occasional bear made an appearance. My mother, an herbalist herself, was my first teacher. Her hand-crafted plant remedies were a trusted go-to for just about any ailment. 


I become involved in the healing arts through my practice of kung fu, qigong and meditation. The study of Chinese medicinal philosophies inspired me to embrace a more holistic and energetic approach to well being, which is what Waking Bird is founded upon.


I prepare WB cosmetics in small batches using locally sourced, edible and organic ingredients. The wild herbs infused in WB healing tinctures are respectfully gathered by hand from the rural mountains and meadows of Portugal. 


I believe when we choose to invest our resources in businesses that stand in solidarity with the stewards of the earth, we help to empower one another and cultivate a positive shift in the world. It is a pleasure to offer a sustainable alternative and to be able to serve you doing something I truly enjoy.