Our Story

Waking Bird is a holistic, botanical bodycare line, handcrafted in the mountains of Portugal. 

Microbatched by hand, our fresh, botanical formulas are created with the curative attributes of herbs and wildflowers. Our slow-crafted recipes are made to  soothe and nurture the whole body.

Rooted in the philosophy of holism, we encourage self-care by cultivating a mindful connection with the natural world and appreciation for the fruits of the earth.


Waking Bird was founded by Jennifer Caravella, who's unique background in the healing arts led her to create alternatives to mainstream products that perpetuate imbalance within our bodies and the planet. 

It is our mission to work with the cycles of nature while showing consideration and gratitude for all life. 




Jennifer Caravella - Herbalist and Founder

I was raised in the old redwood forest of Northern California. My mother was an herbalist and healer, and foraging for wild berries and edible flowers was part of our daily life.

In lieu of prescription medication, I was given homemade herbal powders and bitter tinctures to soothe just about any ailment. I was taught that the cure lies in understanding the root cause of an illness, not merely masking a symptom.

I believe that dis-ease is a reflection of imbalance, which cannot be mended superficially or numbed away. 

I have been a life-long student of herbal medicine and nutritional wellness. I've traveled the world learning various cultural approaches to healing with plants, and I believe the most potent remedies are usually the ones growing right outside our doorstep. 


I began crafting herbal remedies in 2008 while studying a unique style of kung fu with a long lineage from southern China. This art included an ancient folk medicine approach to Chinese herbalism. I became a teacher, leading the qigong and herbalism program and created Waking Bird Healing Balm, using a "dit da jow" or "heal the injury liniment" recipe. Traditional dit da jow formulas have been developed through many generations of family healers and doctors, and are highly effective. 


My inspiration to create herbal skincare remedies came about while exploring natural cures for eczema, which has been a health issue throughout my life.

Knowing that anything you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, I began making products with organic oils and edible botanicals. 

During my travels, I used local herbs to formulate body care products that were unique to each region.

After landing in Portugal, and inspired by the local wilderness, I created an organic plant-based body care line and founded Waking Bird, who's mission is to kindle healing by aligning with Nature and all expressions of beauty.