Our Process

At Waking Bird we value quality over quantity. Our products are lovingly handcrafted in microbatches

with fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients directly from Nature.  




The unique method in which these vital ingredients are prepared are at the heart of what makes a potent and pure product. We take care that all the best healing attributes are carried from plant to body.

We source local, seasonal, organic, fresh, alive, responsibly wildcrafted, artisanal, and edible. The closer the proximity of our ingredients and the more personally we know our vendors, the better. 

Many of our botanicals are harvested in the wild, hand-gathered by Jennifer in a way that takes both the plant and the ecosystem into great consideration. It's important the herbs are foraged in a way that nurtures and fortifies the plant, while always leaving plenty behind for the bees and other creatures.

We also get our herbs from local gardens, permaculture projects, and small organic family farms.


Botanical Infusions


Our fresh, botanical, cold-pressed olive oil infusions are part of what makes the our balms so unique and effective.


There is a delicate art to making luxurious and therapeutic herbal oils.

From understanding the plant's biorhythm and knowing when to work with it for peak potency, to the careful technique in which these infusions are prepared by a seasoned herbalist.  


Handmade with Love


The most important ingredient in all of our creations cannot be bought, sourced or manufactured by a machine.

All you need is love.

Everything we make is thoughtfully prepared by hand with a warm and appreciative regard for each plant that goes into the recipe, as well as the honey bees who offer their sweet and aromatic beeswax. 




We use tinted glass jars to protect the curative properties of the herbs and extend shelf life. We encourage you to keep these beautiful jars and reuse them.


Bespoke Recipes


We make  unique, bespoke recipes for individuals,  spas and shops that are crafted specifically for the region. We adapt a biodynamic approach, using botanicals that grow nearby and are in season.